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Steve Meyn

Steve Meyn

Chairman – PKF Australia / Managing Director – Sydney & Newcastle

Professional Experience

Steve is the Managing Director of PKF Newcastle and Sydney and works within the Business Advisory team.

With more than 31 years of experience as an accountant, Steve has developed specific expertise in the field of IT consulting.

He has a deep understanding of the information required by business owners and managers to make informed decisions and is experienced in developing and implementing strategies that improve business profitability and cash flow.

Steve’s expertise covers business and strategic planning, boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of data and reporting processes, and project managing the implementation of new information and ERP systems.

He also works with clients across needs analysis, scoping and evaluation of new information systems, business system risk analysis, disaster recovery planning, corporate governance, and reporting.

Steve has a particular interest in Mining and Mining services, having a family background in the industry and assisting a number of clients that operate in this space.

Steve enjoys the challenges of managing PKF Newcastle and Sydney, bringing this experience to the table of a number of Boards and Advisory Boards across our client base.

He is a Member of HunterNet and a Member of the IT Chapter of the ICAA.

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