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Risk Management & Insurance

Protecting yourself and your family from financial loss is one of the most important roles of any comprehensive financial plan. Including a risk management strategy with appropriate insurance in your plan can ensure you have sufficient coverage should you come up against unexpected medical expenses or loss of your ability to generate income.

Each year thousands of Australians are injured, suffer a serious illness or die unexpectedly. If this happened to your family or business would you be able to afford:

  • Your current living or operational expenses?
  • Ongoing expenses such as the monthly mortgage or property rental payment?
  • The cost of additional help?

We can advise you on the right cover for your situation and structure to fund the cost of your insurance, minimise taxation implications, and determine who should hold the insurance (for example you personally, through your superannuation fund, or your business).

When should you consider insurance?

Any time is a good time to review your personal situation. However, there are certain events during life which should prompt consideration of cover, such as:

  • Getting married
  • Having children
  • Buying property or any other asset involving debt
  • Starting your own business
  • Setting up a Self Managed Super Fund
  • Creating a financial plan

You should review your insurance needs at least annually to take account of changes in your circumstances.

Which insurance is right for your needs?

There are a broad range of insurance products available, but which is right for your needs? There are a number of specialist types of insurance both in a personal and business capacity that should be considered as part of your holistic financial plan:


This is the type of insurance that nobody wants to think about, but is vital if you need it.

  • Term Life (or Death) pays a lump sum benefit if the insured dies during the term of insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability provides a pre-agreed lump-sum amount if you suffer an illness or injury that makes you totally and permanently unable to work
  • Trauma (also known as Critical Illness or Living Insurance) pays a lump sum if you suffer from one of the major health traumas specified in the insurance policy
  • Income Protection (also known as Sickness & Accident or Salary Continuance Insurance) contributes up to 75% of your earnings for a period until you are able to return to work

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As well as personal insurance, business owners need to protect their business operations and cash flow. Key person and buy/sell insurance are vital business policies.

  • Key person insurance protects a business in the event of the loss of a significant contributor to the profitability or stability of the business.
  • Buy/sell insurance is an agreement which requires a continuing partner to buy out the other partner’s interest in the business in the case of a trigger event, such as death, divorce, long-term disability or bankruptcy.

Contact one of our insurance experts to protect yourself, your business and your family.

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Risk Management and Insurance
Risk Management and Insurance
Risk Management and Insurance
Risk Management and Insurance
Risk Management and Insurance

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