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Direct Taxes

Direct Taxes

On matters of tax, PKF Tax has extensive experience with individuals, and with organisations of all sizes – from small businesses to large listed companies. Regardless of the circumstances, we can help manage tax affairs in a way that meets personal and/or business needs.

Our tax team’s assistance can include tax planning, explaining compliance, providing guidance on restructuring options, and advising on the ‘if’ and ‘how’ of consolidation. We take the time to get to know your goals. Together, we come up with the optimum tax strategy for your unique situation.

For businesses we can:

  • ensure you understand and meet your tax compliance obligations
  • plan your tax in relation to specific transactions or activities
  • guide you through mergers, acquisitions, restructures and the sale of a business
  • advise on tax consolidation – whether to consolidate and the consequences of doing so.

For individuals we can:

  • plan salary packaging
  • guide you through high net worth ATO reviews
  • assist with international taxation requirements
  • address tax residency issues.

Whether you have a one-off tax question or need ongoing support, PKF Tax can provide expertise on direct taxes for both individuals and businesses.

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