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Investigations, Fraud and Financial Crime

Managed to see that you meet all your legal requirements

PKF Integrity’s Investigations, Fraud and Financial Crime team are here to offer expertise and skills gained from law enforcement, industry and technology for clients 

Our experience covers organisations from the public and private sector across a broad range of industries and sectors, which means we have had the ability to connect with a range of professionals and assess their financial/business needs.

Serious misconduct and financial crime remain prevalent across the country, plaguing public and private organisations alike. This type of behaviour, on both organisational and individual levels, frequently necessitates a forensic investigation, or proactive review of the risk profile of that organisation.

Our team are here to help ensure that you can avoid long-term risks to your business, by ensuring your financial and business requirements are in order.


that look at the fine details to ensure you come out on top

Our investigations team has in excess of 80 years’ expertise in the conduct of investigations.  This allows us to be able to provide clients with a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates skills in forensic accounting, investigations and technology.

With these skills and resources we can investigate a broad range of integrity-related threats and issues both internal and external to an organisation. The list below (though not comprehensive) provides an outline of the types of investigations PKF Integrity regularly undertake:

  • Misconduct in the workplace e.g. bullying and sexual harassment
  • Collusion and kickbacks in procurement and supply chain relationships
  • Accounts payable, theft and/or payroll fraud
  • Intellectual property theft and misappropriation of other confidential information
  • Financial misstatement fraud
  • Post-incident cyber reviews
  • Review of government funding arrangements and grants
  • Regulatory focussed investigations
  • Integrity due diligence investigations in relation to organisations and individuals

Our investigations team have a heavy focus on gathering evidence and asset recovery. We ensure that we operate within the legal and policy frameworks of organisations and that evidence is collected in an ethical manner. 

The sensitive nature of workplace investigations often calls for a high level of empathy and discretion. Our experienced team ensures that all matters are handled in such a manner to optimise the outcome.

Furthermore, we understand that an investigation, without a detailed brief or clear and concise management report to aid organisational decision-making is critical in helping organisations make the right decisions post incident.  This can also include solutions for preventing similar occurrences in the future.

Let us investigate your situation to help you achieve long-term success.

Fraud, Corruption and Serious Misconduct  

Integrity risks include a considerable catalogue of white-collar offences, which vary depending on the risk profile of the industry in which our clients operate.  Financial crime investigations include investigations into fraud, bribery and kickbacks, theft, misuse and misappropriation of company assets. Furthermore, employee misconduct is also often inter-related with many of the above issues. 

The sound reputation of an organisation can be compromised if effective anti-fraud and corruption controls are not put in place.   Systemic fraud and corruption committed by an individual or groups of individuals can impact an organisation long after an investigation has been concluded.

PKF Integrity have devised an integrity in the workplace series, which also captures a proven methodology (and a number of proactive services) on what organisations need to consider, to effectively manage integrity related issues both internal and external to organisations.

Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering is a financial crime which seeks to disguise the origins of illegally obtained money and is often used by organised criminals to “launder” the proceeds of criminal activity to make them appear legitimate.  Money Laundering is often used in an effort to legitimise money obtained from activities such as, drug trafficking, fraud, theft, human trafficking and corruption.

Our Integrity team can assist organisations with their compliance obligations here in Australia.  We can tailor our solutions to meet your needs.  Our integrity experts can assist with:

  • Development of AML/CTF compliance frameworks;
  • Audit of AML/CTF compliance frameworks; and
  • Independent Regulatory Review of AML/CTF frameworks.