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PKF Integrity is proud to be a leading national integrity practice.

We help organisations stay informed about and manage their integrity risks.

Integrity-related issues in the business world are appearing in the public eye more frequently than ever before. This increasing attention to organisational ethics is affecting both public and private sector firms around the county.

As a consulting firm, we develop ongoing relationships with our clients to devise and recommend courses of action in dealing with workplace investigations, whistleblower incident management, procurement and many more integrity-related issues.

It is becoming more well known that poor ethical practices in business has a profoundly negative impact on an organisation, often through reputational and relationship damage and almost always, affecting the bottom line.

Our team’s extensive experience includes skills as diverse as investigations, forensic accounting, audit, technology, procurement, whistleblowing and compliance from law enforcement, private and public sector organisations. Our team also has significant national and international experience, and are seen as thought leaders in their areas of expertise.

Investigations, Fraud and Financial Crime

If your organisation is affected by fraudulent, corrupt or otherwise unethical behaviour, a workplace investigation is often needed to limit the damage of an incident. The breadth of integrity-related risks that can manifest inside or against an organisation also need to be assessed proactively. Our experienced investigative and financial crime team can conduct both reactive and proactive reviews while ensuring compliance with organisational and legislative regulations.
Assess your risks and avoid legal ramifications with our team.

Whistleblower Hotline and Advisory Services

Strong whistleblowing incident management is critical to the preservation of any organisation’s integrity. Our advisory services offer consultation on how organisations can effectively respond to a disclosure and proactively develop an effective whistle-blower framework. Our whistleblowing hotline service offers businesses an independent third party reporting mechanism, to experienced respondents who are contactable 24/7, for the entire year. Employees are guaranteed anonymity and confidence that their concern will be looked into.
Learn more about our hotline and advisory services here.

Procurement Risk Advisory

Proficient execution of procurement procedures delivers tangible results and opportunities that allow the business to function more effectively and efficiently. PKF Integrity offer strategic advice that can reduce the threat of contract fraud and reduce unnecessary costs through improved negotiation and supply chain management.
Take control of your procurement strategy with PKF

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