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Internal Audit

We understand that today’s contemporary internal audit functions need to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • A strong, credible first impression
  • Practical guidance to help keep ‘honest people honest’
  • Flexibility to audit at the ‘speed of risk’
  • Maximise opportunities from data analytics techniques to identify anomalies, omissions, duplications, errors and other insights from data sets
  • A focus on root causes – ‘don’t just tell me what’, ‘tell me why’
  • Commentary on hot topics including culture, behaviours, conduct, talent, regulatory change and cyber.

PKF will commit and deliver with:

  • Independence and rigour
  • Knowledge of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Quality Assessment Standards
  • A fresh, honest and upfront perspective
  • A guarantee of senior and experienced resources at every step of the process.

The PKF Australia Internal Audit methodology is based on the Australian and New Zealand Standard on Risk Management (AS/NZS 4360) and the COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

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