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UGM Engineers – Special Situation Debt Advisory
PKF advised UGM on the refinancing of its debt facilities with ANZ during a period of anti-coal sentiment in the banking sector. ANZ was keen to work with UGM’s Directors and management to facilitate refinancing of the facilities with another financier. We worked closely with UGM’s Directors and managers to achieve a refinancing that both UGM and ANZ were very happy with.

Special situations are typically complex and require a deep understanding of all key stakeholders’ positions, objectives and requirements. Sensitivity is required to keep stakeholders sufficiently aligned as well as being able to hold the line when required to achieve an acceptable outcome for all stakeholders.

“PKF has been a long-standing adviser to UGM and were our first choice to advise the Board on the refinancing and debt restructuring. The team worked hard to achieve an outcome that the Board and management are very happy with and that has positioned UGM to achieve its longer-term objectives.”
Paul Valaire
Finance Director

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