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China Textile Traders - Restructuring
China Textile Traders
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China Textile Traders – Restructuring of Customer Debt

PKF was approached by Jeremy Maclaurin, the owner of China Textile Traders to advise him on the negotiation and restructuring of a large and long outstanding trade debt owed by one of his major customers.

We analysed the customer's financial position, cash flows and prospects and worked with Jeremy to develop a debt structure that was viable for the customer and met China Textile Traders’ objectives both with respect to recovery of the debt and establishment of appropriate trading terms going forward that appropriately managed credit risk and were sustainable for both parties.

The customer has met their continuing debt obligations and continues as a valued customer of China Textile Traders.

"I was referred to PKF as we had a large outstanding debt existing from one of our major clients. I engaged PKF to analyse the current debt and our client’s books then structured a robust debt repayment plan that worked for us and our client. I was very happy with the service provided by the PKF team."
Jeremy Maclaurin
China Textile Traders Director

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