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04 03 2013

PPS Register one year on

Happy first birthday to the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) which celebrated its first year of operations on 30 January.

01 03 2013

Employee Share Plans

At first glance, and often when they are initially established, employee share schemes do not look particularly appealing. In fact they may look downright ugly!

18 02 2013

Consider an exit path before you crash land

Remember how the flight attendant at the beginning of a flight shows you the exit path to use if an emergency occurs? Just as we need to be prepared for the worst as passengers, small business owners also need to know what their "exit paths" are.

13 11 2012

Take control of your business

Today's economic conditions have many business owners re-evaluating their operations in an attempt to improve performance

08 11 2012

Find your business life cycle

Business development generally mirrors the human life cycle; moving from start up through growth to maturity and then renewal or exit.

16 10 2012

Four steps to prevent fraud in your business

In recent times, instances of fraud are at unprecedented levels. The reasons for this increase aren't entirely clear, although a tough economic climate may be contributing. The important thing is that the management and Boards of all businesses have structures in place for fraud prevention and detection.

06 09 2012

Five tips for family business succession planning

Succession planning remains as a significant issue for family business owners in Australia, with a range of economic and business factors placing increased emphasis on proper planning.

20 07 2012

Valuing an earn out

In these times of economic uncertainty, "earn-outs" are becoming more common in structuring of the purchase consideration for acquisitions

29 06 2012

June 2015 Market Update

The outlook for the domestic economy is mixed, with its performance likely to be led by events on global markets for the remainder of 2015.

12 06 2012

Structuring for success

As we move into the second half of the financial year, it is a good time for business owners and directors to revisit old business and asset structures and to consider if a restructure may be beneficial.

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