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11 03 2020

The Future For Pharmacies In The Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement

It is estimated that the introduction of double dispensing will reduce the gross profit of the average pharmacy by $85,000 should the proposed changes come into play.

11 03 2020

Single Touch Payroll – ‘Big Brother’ Is Watching. Are You Ready?

The other aspect that businesses need to take notice of is that the ATO is going to use the data that they collate from STP. If the ATO find an issue with a business not paying superannuation guarantee on time, they will launch investigations into the business’ history.

11 03 2020

The Benefits of Good Governance

WeWork is a classic example of an organisation transitioning from purely founder-led or director-driven operations to well-rounded, balanced businesses where management and ownership are appropriately separated.

11 03 2020

Avoid ATO Penalties And Ensure Your ATO Obligations Are Lodged On Time

If an SMSF tax return for 30 June 2019 and/or prior years is outstanding for more than 14 days, the ATO will now remove the SMSF’s compliance status from Super Fund Lookup. This status will remain until any overdue lodgements have been brought up to date.

11 03 2020

Foreign Residents And The Removal Of The CGT Main Residence Exemption

The change in the law means that a taxpayer who is a foreign resident at the time of the CGT event can no longer claim the CGT main residence exemption, unless, at the time of the CGT event the taxpayer had been a foreign resident for less than six years and one of three life events applies.

11 03 2020

Client Profile - Arriba Group Continues To Aim Big

As a Chilean migrant having overcome adversity, racism and hardships as a child, Marcella Romero embraced inclusion as a key value from an early age. Wanting to ensure that people with physical and mental health injuries/disabilities were treated with an equal level of respect in workplaces and the community is what led her to launch her first company, Rehab Management, in 1998.

10 03 2020

Key Values to Consider When Establishing a Procurement Framework

Procurement is an area of business which, while necessary, is often seen as a cost burden. An effective procurement framework can help ensure that this is not the case, by guiding behaviour in such a manner as to ensure regular value and enhanced relationships in the supply chain.

02 03 2020

Superannuation Amnesty Bill Passes Parliament

Employers are set to get six months to disclose any unpaid superannuation before tougher penalties apply.

26 02 2020

Professional services: are you doing enough to protect yourself from wage underpayment?

The last week has seen a dramatic escalation in Australia’s wage underpayment epidemic as Coles and Target become the latest major corporates to report multimillion-dollar underpayments. The difference is that this time the underpayments are affecting salaried staff. Now the professional service industry has emerged as the next industry to face the scrutiny of the Fair Work Ombudsman.

21 02 2020

Part 2 – When it Comes to Business Integrity, Knowledge is Power

Employee awareness of the reasons for and benefits of business integrity is critical to achieving an ethical workplace. Once established, the result is engagement in responsible business practices that can only enhance reputation and the bottom line.

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