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17 01 2020

The Royal Debacle - Achieving Financial Independence

The world’s eyes have been firmly on the British Royal Family since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the shock announcement that they would step back as “senior” members and seek to become financially independent. Financial independence has become the focus of the debacle with questions abounding about how Harry and Meghan can possibly achieve this goal.

15 01 2020

Part 1 - What’s Causing Australian Business Ethics To Slip?

Integrity in business is achieved and sustained by the example set by leaders who promote and cultivate a positive workplace culture. This four-part series explores the key role that communication and education play in raising awareness and the successful implementation of an ethical culture.

14 01 2020

Financial Assistance For Bush Fire Victims

As we see much of the country devastated by the 2019/2020 bush fires, we explore the various avenues of financial support for those affected.

19 12 2019

When Is An ATO Debt Really Written Off?

So, the message is fairly clear – just because the ATO stops chasing or the debt no longer appears on your account does not mean the debt will not reappear when circumstances change.

19 12 2019

ATO’s Recent Investment Strategy Crackdown On SMSFs

If your SMSF is heavily invested in one asset or a single asset class, you need to review your current SMSF investment strategy to make sure it properly documents the basis for your decision to hold a significant asset in your SMSF which may lack liquidity and diversification.

19 12 2019

SaaS Under The Spotlight

As a benchmark, revenue growth rate plus profit margin should exceed 40%. Young companies are expected to beat that mark with rapid growth. More mature companies, where growth has tapered off, expect to grow profit margins to hit their metrics.

19 12 2019

Wage Underpayment in Australia

A business’ reputation is one of its greatest assets and can be severely damaged by being associated with activities and practices that break the law and do not meet community expectations.

19 12 2019

The Importance of Strategy and Alignment across the Business

A business strategy will facilitate decision making within your business so you’re focusing your time and efforts on achieving your goals and getting to where you want to go.

19 12 2019

Using Technology To Improve Your Business

Business owners acknowledged that technological trends will have a big impact in the future, however, two thirds of all businesses believe that they have knowledge and skills gaps when it came to using technology to improve their business.

19 12 2019

PKF Wealth Case Study - Transform Your Financial Future

Find out how one of our advisers helped a young couple achieve financial independence.

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