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27 08 2020

Superannuation: How to stay informed today to be prepared for retirement

Super affects every single one of us. It sways government policy, it influences voters, it creates a comfortable retirement for many, it also currently helps many out of a hole with cash flow concerns, and it’s not going anywhere.

20 08 2020

Part 1 - Whistleblowing in Australia is still a work in progress

72% of policies reviewed did not provide sufficient information about the practical steps that would be taken to protect confidentiality or the legal protections available for eligible whistleblowers; a key objective of the new legislation.

14 08 2020

Casual employees and leave: to disclose or not to disclose?

ASIC recently confirmed their key focus areas for the financial reporting season and declared that “Companies should consider whether they should provide for additional employee entitlements (including annual leave, personal and carer’s leave, compassionate leave, public holiday pay, and redundancy payments) for past and present ‘casual employees’ who were employed in circumstances covered by the Rossato decision”. They also stated their expectation that a provision or contingent liability may be required for circumstances for casual employees that were not clearly covered by the decision.

14 08 2020

Frying under the COVID-19 Stimulus radar

As the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rip through the world’s economies, small businesses struggle to survive. Julian made the leap of faith during the golden era but landed smack-bang in the eye of the COVID-19 storm without a single lifeline in sight.

12 08 2020

Unpaid Super? Act Now! Super Guarantee Amnesty Ends on 7 September 2020

If you believe you have underpaid super for your employees, we can assist you in applying for the ATO Super Guarantee Amnesty. Applications will end on 7 September 2020 so, this is an opportunity to catch up on any unpaid super without the normal penalties applying.

07 08 2020

Extension of the JobKeeper Payment – changes announced 7 August 2020

The Federal Government announced on 7 August 2020, further changes to the JobKeeper Payments given the economic uncertainty arising from the Victorian shutdowns. It is projected a further $85.7 billion cost will be added to the scheme.

04 08 2020

Risk and crisis planning in the current storm

The survey has revealed that almost 40 per cent of businesses are not regularly testing their risk and crisis plans — leaving them exposed and under-prepared for major crisis.

04 08 2020

COVID-19 Impact On Asset Impairments

Asset values continue to be a key focus area for financial reporting regulators – and the negative impact of COVID-19 will mean that previously unaffected businesses will need to consider their asset values for the first time.

04 08 2020

Don’t be the next Ruby Princess! Get work ready

With all of the uncertainty that COVID-19 has thrown upon us, life must move on, businesses need to adapt, children need to go back to school, office environments need to be restored. While the Australian government was aiming for majority of businesses to be back on their feet by July 2020, even with numbers on the rise again, are you, as an organisation, back to work ready?

04 08 2020

Time For Sport To Rise To The Challenge

As we all work towards a new-normal of social-distancing, and where communities are disparate and in desperate need of feeling re-connected, the sports industry has a unique opportunity to be the driving force behind this. Strong leadership and governance will place it in pole position as this test of endurance henceforth continues.

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