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10 02 2021

Risk Management in a COVID-19 world

In a year which began with the devastating bushfires in the Australia summer, 2020 then took another turn in a way few could have truly anticipated with the COVID 19 pandemic. The extended uncertainty, health crises and economic impacts of lockdowns have touched every company in every sector in some way. Indeed, writing this article in Victoria, many of us are still to fully return to our offices and worksites.

28 01 2021


As levied by the NSW Office of State Revenue (OSR); if you own land within the state of NSW you are liable to pay land tax. In order to ensure you are paying the appropriate amounts of this, but certainly not tipping the tax man, there are some important things to consider.

27 01 2021

The Role of the Risk Management Professional

Experts in neuroscience have explained that when we allow ourselves to run on empty, our sympathetic nervous system becomes over activated, and we get trapped in a state of chronic flight, fight or freeze, or ‘amygdala hijack.’ In this heightened state of arousal, our physical and mental responses focus solely on ‘survival, threat management and preparing for potential injury.’

21 01 2021

Lessons to be learnt from 2020 for 2021 in regards to new accounting standards

2020 was a big year for financial reporting, mostly influenced by COVID-19, but with some other significant changes thrown into the mix. While it has been challenging, hopefully we have taken some lessons away and have grown from the experience. Here is a recap on the areas of accounting that challenged us for 2020:

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