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The Power of Automation

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The Power of Automation

Why do I need an automated cash flow system?

Cash flow and automation go hand in hand when it comes to managing your personal finances in today’s fast paced world.

Understanding and knowing your money is the core and key component to building your personal cash flow system. This cash flow system will make life easy – it will help you manage your fixed, variable and lifestyle spending and will give you valuable insight into what’s left over. By forward planning where your money is going you can simplify your financial life and focus on what’s important to you.

Achieving your goals

Putting your goals down on paper is no easy task, so start with your best guess.

Life can change in an instant and knowing what you want to be doing in a year’s time is hard enough, let alone what you will be doing in the next five to ten. However, when it comes to goals the most important thing is simply to have one (or many) – understanding what you want your future to look like is the most direct route to making that dream your reality.

At PKF we take a holistic view and work with you to define what we call your Future of Choice, a multi-faceted approach that considers all your goals whether they be to buy your next investment property or perhaps to free up the time to learn a new language.

Whatever your goal may be, there are usually only two considerations:

  1. How long will it take?
  2. What is it going to cost?

As advisers, we can’t control everything and we aren’t here to tell you what your goals should be, but we are here to help you make decisions about your time and money that will best position you to reach the targets you set, and this starts with truly understanding your cash flow.

Sorting your cash flow

To take control of your finances first you need to take the time to understand the ins and outs of your cash flow. This can be a tedious task, but this knowledge will give you the tools you need to start making smart money choices that align with your ideal lifestyle.

If your current spending habits do not align with what you see for your future, it’s time to get honest with yourself, rethinking your spending and make cuts in those areas that don’t align with your desired lifestyle and start redirecting this money to the areas that do.


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