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Client Profile - Anytime Fitness

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Client Profile - Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Australia is the largest gym chain in Australia, a community 500,000 strong or half a million members changing their lives every day. Steve Rollings is the proud owner of a number of Anytime Fitness gyms throughout the Hunter region. He was at the forefront of the franchise expansion throughout Australia, opening the first Australian Anytime Fitness Gym, located in Muswellbrook in 2008.

His experience as an entrepreneur has been embedded as a franchisee, having previously owned five Eagle Boys franchises, buying his first one at age 22. However, in 2006 he sold the businesses and began looking for a new opportunity. “The only problem was that I forgot that you need cashflow for Property Development, and the GFC was just hitting, stopping me in my tracks”. But, 15 months later, Steve entered the fitness industry and has been hooked ever since.

Steve is the first one to admit he has made his share of mistakes in business but from this, Steve’s experiences have taught him the importance of market cycles, finance (cashflow is king!) and the value of a good team.

“Getting the team right is a big thing for me,” Steve said.

“My focus from the start was building a fantastic, excited, loyal team to run my clubs”. 

Looking back at where he has been, Steve never thought for one moment his business would flourish the way it has, which has led him to the decision of working with PKF.

PKF Partner Greg Cox who is Steve’s adviser says that “Steve is the typical client who quickly outgrew his external advisers and was looking for not only commercial business advice and support but also sound strategic advice to facilitate his entrepreneurial flair.

On the back of the success of how well Steve runs his gyms, Steve has been able to pursue his passion for property development, with his most recent commercial development in Maitland. PKF has played the role of Steve’s commercial sounding board and ensured Steve’s business pursuits align with his strategic plan”.   

“The monthly PKF strategy meetings where my team reports to Greg and I have become a critical part of my current and ongoing success”.

The Future

Steve is a firm believer in, “possessing the willingness and courage to back yourself into a new venture that you believe in. I love being in an industry that has a positive impact on so many people’s lives.

My current plans are to double the size of my Newcastle West Club, and put in a new club in Merewether in 2019. PKF through Greg, have been instrumental in the planning of these new clubs, through the team and financial structures.”

For more information head to www.anytimefitness.com.au


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