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Your Future of Choice - Getting Financially Organised

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Your Future of Choice - Getting Financially Organised

Posted 24 Mar 17 by Greg Cox

I recently reflected on a presentation I did a number of years back shortly after Xero launched their on-line accounting platform in Australia. It was 2009 and whilst the early adopters embraced the new ‘cloud based’ technology, the majority of potential users were somewhat sceptical. It was not uncommon to field questions such as, “is it secure”, “can anyone access my data”, “where is my data stored”; the list goes on.

Now move forward a few years and it is amazing just how fast the take up of ‘cloud based’ technology has moved. Xero alone has now recorded over 700,000 paid subscribers to their cloud based software, with the addition of an astounding 242,000 subscribers in the 12 months to March 31, 2016! As well as Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks now have their own cloud based offering too.

Whether you have embraced technology or not, with the rise in cloud based solutions, smart phones and the various applications available, it is now more possible than ever to get yourself financially organised. Dare I say, ‘gone are the days’ of the filing cabinet sitting in the corner of the room or the pile of old archive boxes housing endless reams of paper – just in case!

Getting financially organised is a goal we hear a lot from our clients on their journey to achieving their future of choice. Hence, we spend a lot of time exploring what our clients mean by “getting financially organised.” It is often as simple as having the details of all of their assets and liabilities in one place. The important thing here in getting financially organised is to ensure the data is organised and accessible, preferably electronically.

The types of information we encourage our clients to have readily available in their quest for getting financially organised are set out below:

Personal Business
Copy of Property Title Deed Constitution/Trust Deed
Copy of Registered Mortgage Tax Returns and Financial Statements
Copy of Contract for Purchase of Home Loan certificates
Tax Returns Super Fund Trust Deed
Home Loan Documentation Investment Strategy
Up-to-date Will ABN & TFN notifications
Power of Attorney Buy Sell Agreement
Enduring Guardianship Insurance Policies
Birth Certificates Strategic Plan
Insurance Policies Budgets and Forecasts


Whilst there are many varied solutions available to store this type of information, we believe it is essential that this information is not only readily accessible but is both secure and ‘disaster recovery’ proof. 

In this regard, as part of assisting our clients to get financially organised, we utilise a cloud based technology platform that not only stores all of the above important documents but also pulls live data feeds from market leading data points, including property, share markets and financial institutions. Most importantly, this platform allows the data to be stored securely, whilst remaining accessible from almost anywhere you have an internet connection.


Is 2017 the year you get financially organised?


Please contact your PKF Business Adviser if you would like a demonstration of our cloud based technology platform that is helping our clients get financially organised. 


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