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PKF Lighthouse – Value-Focused Business Insight

Are you looking for opportunities to create more value in your business, to grow sales, improve margins or reduce inefficiency and waste?

Are you concerned that not all the key risks in your business are visible to you and you may have value-leakage?

Are you searching for more insight and clarity in order to make more informed decisions about key strategic and operational aspects of your business? 

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions speak to your PKF Business Adviser today about how PKF Lighthouse can help. PKF Lighthouse Tailored Business Insights offering is designed to unlock the value inside your data - providing you with opportunities to add value and mitigate risk across the business. It’s flexible, affordable and focused on delivering tangible value to you. There are three core Lighthouse modules:

Revenue, Gross Margin, Products/Services and Customers

This module is focused on the key drivers of your sales and gross margin to unlock opportunities to grow revenue, improve margins and enhance service delivery, by deeply understanding key products, services and customer behaviours.

Purchases, Payments and Suppliers

This module is focused on costs and the key payments that your business makes in order to identify key risks and areas of potential value-leakage.

Payroll, Timesheets and Employees

This module is focused on the capacity, costs and compliance of your human resources. For many businesses payroll is a significant cost and there are many opportunities and risks.

All three core modules focus on both opportunity and risk to deliver a deeply integrated view. The offering is modularised in order to give you complete flexibility to choose only what is relevant to your business. It can be implemented as a once-off activity or an ongoing program to consistently monitor, measure and report opportunities and risks each month, quarter, half year or year.

In addition to this new Tailored Business Insights offering, PKF Lighthouse continues to provide its full suite of specialised data analytics and business intelligence services.

Speak to your PKF Business Adviser today to see how PKF Lighthouse can help you achieve your objectives.

PKF Lighthouse also has a number of other specifically focussed modules including:

  • Registered Club Insights
  • Operational process efficiency and integrity
  • Safety
  • Warranty
  • Traffic
  • Time capture and projects
  • General Ledger and Accounting
  • Supplier Masterfile Governance (including GST Compliance)
  • Payroll Masterfile Governance
  • Inventory



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