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Online security - ASIC and ATO Scam Alerts

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Online security - ASIC and ATO Scam Alerts

Posted 23 Feb 17 by Georgett Coleman


ASIC have become aware that the email address they use to send business name renewal notices to customers is being used in a scam. 

An example of the scam email is provided in the following link - ASIC Scam email

If you receive an email from ASIC and are unsure whether it is legitimate, please contact our office or ASIC directly to discuss.  Please do not click on any links or open any attachments until the email has been verified.

ATO Scams

ATO has recently detected two frauds - scammers fraudulently obtaining business AUSkeys or contacting people directly regarding their banking details. 

We recommend you regularly check the financial institution and contact details you have recorded with the ATO are correct but please contact us directly if you have any concerns or want to discuss.

PKF Hacketts Client Portal

If you haven’t signed up already, please contact our office to have your business registered on our Client Portal. 

The Portal provides the following benefits for clients:

  • Additional password security for access to files by email
  • Repository for all your documents, including Tax returns and financials
  • Digital sign off of key documents that eliminates the need for postage.


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