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3 steps to spending more time with your kids

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3 steps to spending more time with your kids

Posted 21 Feb 17 by Chad Russell

I understand that if you own or run a business you’re busy, but when you sit back and reflect in the future, will you be proud of all those moments you missed with your family? The dinners, the events, milestones in your kid’s lives that you weren’t around to see… Or will you wish that you spent less time in the office; made the effort to get home for dinner and took time out of your day to do things with the kids?

I hear it all the time; "I’m just too busy", "it’s really important", "no one else can do it", but it can be different.

Here are my top three tips to make the change and start living the life you’ll be proud to look back on.

  • Make the choice – Nothing will change if you don’t choose it. You need to make it important. That doesn’t mean you let the business go to the side by any means, but the priority for family just needs to come up a bit.
  • Lock it in – Put it in the diary with equal or higher importance to anything else that’s already in there.
  • Own it – How many times have you let a staff member, prospect or a client book something in over a family event? Don’t let it happen. Be proud of your choice and tell them that you are spending some time with the family. They’ll understand and make another time (and probably think about how they should do that with their own family). If they don’t then perhaps they’re not the kind of people you should be working with anyway.

Now I haven’t quite nailed it yet but I’m proud to say I cook dinner and eat with my family most nights. I take my daughter to swimming lessons every week. I’ve been to playschool and The Wiggles with the kids on work days in the last couple of months. That doesn’t mean I don’t work hard – I’ll often get back to work once the family has gone to bed – but I’ve spent regular quality time with my family and rarely miss an event.

I see business as a tool that you can use achieve your goals – it’s not your life. You might need to make some changes in your business to make this happen. There could be changes to strategy, structure, governance, systems and processes, people or any number of things and I’m happy assist with these if you need help.

It starts with you - I challenge you to make the choice.


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