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Why Pokemon Go is no different to growing a business

Why Pokemon Go is no different to growing a business

Posted 13 Jul 16 by Stefan Galbo

I’m not a computer gamer. And I never collected Pokemon cards. But Pokemon Go has flooded social media platforms and I have been forced to explore further.

I discovered that Pokemon Go is no different to building and growing a business.

You go out into the real world. Find Pokemon inventory. Spend money on app-purchases to train and develop your Pokemon inventory. You then battle other Pokemon trainers locally and globally.

No different to business. The core fundamentals are the same.

You capture market share in the real world. Find committed customers, reliable suppliers and quality employees. Spend money on researching and developing core products and services. You then compete against other businesses locally and globally.

So what does Pokemon Go mean for Nintendo Co. Ltd, which owns a stake in the Pokemon Go developer? The proof is in the numbers that the user uptake of Pokemon Go has reignited the market visibility and value of Nintendo Co. Ltd.

What we can learn from the release of Pokemon Go that can be applied to business is that any business able to gain a competitive advantage, through product and service, will capture market share and drive value. And when you have the attention and visibility of the market that Nintendo Co. Ltd now have, you leverage from that.


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