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The winning edge

The winning edge

Posted 06 May 16 by Ken Weldin

Well they did it.

Everyone’s new favourite team, Leicester City are Premier League Champions.

  • Odds of 5000 -1.
  • A total transfer outlay in the club’s history that is less than what Man United have spent in the last 2 years.
  • Favourites for relegation who were bottom of the league last Easter Monday but will now play in the Champions League.

These & many other headlines will become the footnotes to this victory which will be remembered for many, many years to come.

How did they do it?

Many football writers are calling it a triumph of team spirit to create a “Champion Team” which overcame a number of teams full of champions.

It seems crass at this point to reference US sport but I love this quote from New York Mets coach, Casey Stengel.

So will business leaders look at this & learn something?

The normal pattern for a new CEO is to come in & sweep out the majority of the existing C-suite & replace them with higher paid alternative many of whom s/he have worked with in prior roles.

What price the team spirit, culture & team spirit that has carried Leicester here?

Truly effective leaders take time to study not just what people say, but how they say it, how they go about it & the impact they have on all of those around them.

  • Teamwork.
  • Culture.
  • Trust.
  • Knowing you can speak out & others will have your back.

And of course, having a clear plan. And maybe a bit of luck also?

Easy to strive for.

Not so easy to achieve.

Very hard to get back once you have lost it.

It is easy to reach for the sugar rush of 'get rid of them & get someone else.' Easy to hire superstars but as Stengel says, getting them to play well together is another thing.

Food for thought for hiring managers, HR directors, Nomination Committees?

What do you think?


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