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Ready for this?

Ready for this?

Disruption, change, unprecedented actions and unpredictable outcomes - what next!

As recently as this year, if fact as recently as today, we witness disruptive change going on all around us. Domestic Australian politics, European Brexit and lately the outcome of the US Federal election point to a world in a state of unrest. The people want change; almost any change is better than status quo for some.

Change creates opportunities and Disruptive Change creates massive opportunities

Disruptive change is not just a comment on the political landscape. Society is in a major state of change. The way we do things, the way we approach things and the way we operate businesses are also being disrupted. Think about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (is Pokémon Go still relevant?) are these technological evolutions or a fundamental disruption to what we do?

Uber and AirBnB are obvious disruptive changes in business, as are the tools we use in Accounting - Xero, MYOB, Reckon, Quicken, Microsoft 365 and any number of cloud based applications disrupting the way we are geared to work.

So how are we preparing for change?

Today, Social Media sites have been bombarded with commentary on the unexpected, unbelievable outcome of the US election.

Horror! What are we to do!

Really? with the current disruptive appetite in the world it should not be 'shocking' that the US election produced such a result.

We need to use this disruption to our advantage and even if we don't 'think' up the next Uber or Pokémon Go phenomena we need to be open minded and on the look out for an advantage in the midst of change. How can you use the result in the current US election to your advantage? We may not be able to personally alter the outcome of the global economy or international relations but we can go looking for opportunities.

Focus on what you can control and not what you can't.

At PKF we are constantly looking to improve our Accounting practice. We are constantly looking for ways we can help our clients improve their businesses. We actively challenge our clients to adapt and improve. Simply preparing your Financial Statements and Income Tax obligations is the Accounting of yesterday. We want to challenge our clients to adapt and adopt. We live in a very competitive, instant world and more than ever before a 1% change, or lots of them, are required to be at the front part of the game.

Change creates opportunities and Disruptive Change creates massive opportunities, talk to us about how we can challenge your thinking or click the button below to find an expert near you.


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