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PKF Melbourne Secondment Update

PKF Melbourne Secondment Update

Posted 07 Oct 16

Nine weeks into a secondment with PKF Melbourne, and I already feel that I have been working here for several months. I am currently half way through a four month secondment from Scottish based accountancy firm Johnston Carmichael, in order to gain valuable international experience. The transition has been a smooth process, working in an office of similar size to the one I am currently based in back home.

Why a secondment in Australia?

A secondment is something I have been keen on since I started my accountancy career five years ago. Having successfully completed my chartered accountancy exams back in February 2015, I had been aware of possible overseas opportunities for a while. I felt it was important to stay grounded for at minimum a year after qualifying, to continue my development in my current environment. Whilst I enjoy being based in Aberdeen, I felt that I needed to emerge from my comfort zone and expose myself to a different culture, and in my opinion the central business district of Melbourne would be the perfect place. As Johnston Carmichael is part of the PKF network, a possibility transformed into reality earlier this year.


My initial impressions of Melbourne is that it is a fast growing city that is going places. The central business district is constantly vibrant and by working and living in this area, I feel immersed within the environment that exists. Learning the Australian way of life I feel is an invaluable experience as it gives me a different perspective of going abroad compared to a holiday. Being able to travel at weekends and see new places is a major advantage of being here, as there is so much to go and explore in Australia.

Working life

Being able to absorb and gain exposure to new areas that I would not get the chance to in Aberdeen has been a bonus. So far, I have found working with superannuation funds interesting, along with provisions testing in regards to annual leave and long service leave. These are areas which I have found interesting to learn about how to audit them and how they are governed within Australia, having had limited opportunities to work in these areas in Aberdeen due to their sparse nature.

As I am only nine weeks into a 19 week secondment, I am looking forward to see what the next ten weeks bring, in particular new/other areas that I can explore in and outside of work (hopefully with a bit less rain!).


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