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What my last wave can teach you about income protection

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What my last wave can teach you about income protection

Last week I suffered a serious head injury whilst surfing at Bar Beach.  Twenty eight stitches to forehead later, and with severe swelling to the cheek bone, lip and most other areas of my head I have been extremely relieved to discover that I have not suffered a fractured skull or any other long term injury (other than some scarring of course).

Aside from reminding me to be more careful around reefs, the experience taught me an important lesson about what enters your mind the instant you suffer a serious injury.

For the first 30 seconds it was all about survival, with the first priority getting to shore, but within the first minute of the injury I was already wondering about what would happen to my family financially if I was off work for an extended period of time, or even if my injuries were permanent.

Thankfully, as I paddled the last few metres to shore, with blood pouring from my head onto my surfboard, I was at least reassured by the thought that I had income protection insurance, total and permanent disablement insurance and even death cover, such that my family would be financially covered in each possible circumstance.

Only a week on I’m happy to say that I won’t need to be troubling the insurer to make a claim on any of the policies, nevertheless the value of them has certainly been reinforced.

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