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Think smarter: How do you set and achieve business goals?

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Think smarter: How do you set and achieve business goals?

Posted 11 Aug 14 by Chad Russell

Everyone has goals or at least some sense of what they would like to achieve in their business or career. Are your goals written down? Does anyone else know about them? Do you measure your actual performance against them?

It's important to think about the future, make plans and dream big. But, it's more important that you write down the future that you envisage and then ensure that you are accountable for your actions and the steps you take towards achieving it.

Often in business, the owner isn't accountable to anyone and complacency sets in. They feel like it's all up to them and there's no one to talk to about setting and achieving their goals.

But there is at least one option - your business advisor or accountant.

Your business advisor should be extremely well equipped to help out. They work with and around many varied businesses every day. Chances are that the challenges you are encountering on the way to achieving your goals won't be new challenges for a good business adviser - they've likely lived the same challenges themselves or seen them somewhere before and can help you through tough situations.

Get your business adviser on board. Share your goals and empower them to help you to achieve those goals. To make it work, you need to be passionate about achieving your goals, catch up regularly (once a year won't cut it), be willing to commit to actions and embrace advice.

Do you have anyone that you can talk to and bounce ideas off?

Contact Chad now and let us help you achieve your goals. It's your future.


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