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Think smarter: Agree first - act second

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Think smarter: Agree first - act second

Posted 20 Aug 14 by Chad Russell

Be proactive and thorough with your business agreements from the very start, and save yourself and others time and money in the long run.

Why waste time arguing about it later?

Too often, deals are done in such a rush that the detail is missed along the way. The results:

  • Arguments
  • Expectation gaps
  • Failed ventures
  • Litigation

Invest the time up front in getting it right. Agree the terms, agree on the expectations and involve your solicitor and your accountant to make sure it all stacks up and is achievable for all parties. It's not worth the problems that can be encountered to do it the other way around.

If you have anything going on where agreeing before you act would apply, get in touch with Chad Russell now and let our team help you out.


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