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What should Clubs look for in an auditor?

What should Clubs look for in an auditor?

Posted 08 Aug 13 by Scott Tobutt

Here are some points to consider when looking for an auditor for your venue, or if you think it is time for a change.

  • Relevant experience - specific club industry experience with a significant number of clubs and club Industry associations
  • Regulation - An awareness of the changing regulatory environment that impacts on clubs;
  • Value for money - competitive fees without compromising quality, and a service that exceeds expectations;
  • Proven track record - long and established reputation in the club sector from a leading and award winning practice;
  • Focus on service - large enough to deliver the required expertise, but still capable of providing a personalised service and delivery;
  • Accessibility to senior people - access to senior members of the audit team who are always accessible and responsive to your needs, with practical recommendations delivered in person;
  • Commercial focus - proactive ability to bring in partners from other disciplines who are also experts in the club industry to provide additional commercial advice;
  • Risk awareness - understanding of the risks and issues currently faced by the club sector, including fraud factors, and the ability to focus the audit in these areas;
  • Timely and constructive feedback - continuous communication throughout the year, and internal control and corporate governance improvements and weaknesses to be identified and reported in a timely manner, with relevant recommendations presented in a user friendly format; and
  • Established and proven club audit methodology - robust club audit methodology that has followed stringent quality control processes.

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