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30 07 2020

Quarterly Insights: Australian Information Technology June 2020

PKF Melbourne Corporate Finance is pleased to present the Information Technology Insights for the June 2020 quarter, including a summary of key merger and acquisition transactions observed in the industry.

30 07 2020

Three strategies to successfully implement change for growth into your business

The pace of doing business is speeding up, not slowing down and most business pressure stems from an inability to successfully implement change. Business Strategist Andrew Russo introduces three strategies to successfully implement change for growth into your business.

29 07 2020

Quarterly Insights: Australian Food Manufacturing & Distribution June 2020

Our quarterly release helps demonstrate our knowledge of the Australian Food Manufacturing & Distribution sector and our ability to drive business value and achieve a successful outcome for anyone contemplating a transaction.

27 07 2020

Economic and Fiscal update shows the impact of COVID-19

The Treasurer delivered an Economic and Fiscal update on 23 July 2020 which included key policy measures introduced since the start of COVID-19 to aid individuals and business through the pandemic. To support the economic recovery, the Government is extending and further targeting temporary economic measures to support sectors, regions and communities that will continue to face challenges.

21 07 2020

JobKeeper Changes Announced

The Government has announced details of the proposed changes to JobKeeper. This area has seen some of the most confusion from business owners and employers and will continue to become more complex as eligibility and benefits of the scheme continue to change.

24 06 2020

Top five things to think about before EOFY – Planning in the COVID Era

With the additional cash that may now be available businesses should consider the following measures pre 30 June.

23 06 2020

Managing risk in a pandemic

Apart from significant personal and economic pressure, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for focused assessment of business risk and more expansive business continuity planning.

12 06 2020

Recent downturn may reignite use of share-based payments

The impact that COVID-19 could lead to is an increased level of businesses considering share-based payments as a means of rewarding key staff.

11 06 2020

Applications close 30 June 2020 – $10,000 NSW Small Business Grant

Time is running out to claim the small business support grant of up to $10,000 put in place as part of the Australian Government’s Stimulus package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant is designed to provide financial support to ease the pressures on small business through this crisis.

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