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30 04 2020

Top Tips: Risk Management Basics In A Time Of Crisis

In the absence of business continuity plans, businesses still need to consider forming crisis plans and ensuring that they have a crisis team in place. Some tips to responding to this crisis are detailed by PKF Integrity Principal, Wayne Gilbert.

30 04 2020

Planning For Continuity In A Crisis

Insurers and in particular financiers, are increasingly making enquiry of business to ensure that they have specific Pandemic related plans in place to address not only the unique risks posed by COVID-19, but to also address the risk of any further pandemic related events into the future. This could become a mandated part of doing business in the future.

30 04 2020

IT Risk Management For Your Remote Workforce

Be more vigilant on the look the out for phishing emails and sites. Empower them with the knowledge of the risk so they know how what to look out for. The Coronavirus scare is the perfect mechanism for cybercriminals to leverage and trigger that emotional response.

30 04 2020

Drawing Positives From A Tough Situation

The pace and severity of COVID-19’s impact had caught all of us in business by surprise and challenged the way we have traditionally operated. It also presents an amazing opportunity for business to challenge the traditional paradigms.

24 04 2020

Forensic Investigation and Risk Consulting Services in the COVID-19 Environment

Late last year, when COVID-19 was just starting to emerge in China, we were engaged by a lawyer in Queensland to assist a client in the education sector investigate allegations of misconduct made against a principal at a private school. At that time, due to resourcing and cost constraints, we conducted the investigation from Melbourne.

23 04 2020

Professional Services Focus: Is your hibernation plan exposing you to more pain?

The overwhelming sentiment of businesses in the current environment is one of cautious optimism. An optimism that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, and we need to hold on in the meantime. Many of us have asked a question that humans have not had to ask for hundreds if not thousands of years: how do we hibernate? The hibernation we are contemplating is very different to that of our ancestors. It contemplates sustaining cash flow, retaining employees and pivoting to generate income. The most publicised of these hibernation levers has been retaining employees.

22 04 2020

Corona Crisis - Finding The Way Forward

The outbreak of COVID-19 has plunged many businesses into challenging and unprecedented times. In such times, negativity and fear can be the order of the day and it is difficult to look forward and be optimistic about the future. In the depth of any crisis, upsides can be difficult to find and it is very easy to become overwhelmed by all the negatives.

22 04 2020

Claiming ‘working from home’ expenses

Working from home has beneficial tax implications. Learn more about the ATO short cut method.

22 04 2020

Quarterly Insights: Australian Healthcare Equipment and Services

PKF Melbourne Corporate Finance is pleased to present the Healthcare Equipment and Services Insights for the March 2020 quarter, including a summary of key merger and acquisition transactions observed in the industry.

17 04 2020

Quarterly Insights: Australian Food Manufacturing & Distribution March 2020

PKF Melbourne Corporate Finance is pleased to present the Food Manufacturing & Distribution Insights for the December 2019 quarter, including a summary of key merger and acquisition transactions observed in the industry.

15 04 2020

JobKeeper Payment Passed in Parliament – Your Questions Answered

The JobKeeper support announced by the Government is by far the largest form of support for businesses that are affected by COVID-19. It is also the one that is causing the most confusion and distress. The laws are now passed and the rules and an explanatory documents have been issued.

09 04 2020

Let’s fix the problem now, not defer it: how a Holding DOCA can help

In the current business environment, giving a company an extended period of time to resolve the myriad of issues will allow for a restructuring proposal to be formulated and agreed by creditors which should result in a better outcome than either an immediate winding up or a later winding up because directors left it all too late.

01 04 2020

The Rising Threat of Opportunistic Fraud During the COVID-19 Crisis

It is a bitter pill to swallow that fraudulent behaviour increases when circumstances allow, but it is one that must be acknowledged. Survival during these trying times is highly dependent on internal diligence.

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