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22 01 2019

ASIC Releases Proposed Industry Funding Fees

In 2017, the Federal Government passed laws whereby ASIC will recover most of its regulatory costs via levies from the industries that it regulates.

22 01 2019

Data Analysis - Is Your Organisation Still Sitting On The Sideline?

Being able to see through the vast swathes of data is an ever-increasing concern for most organisations, yet surprisingly this is not just a recent phenomenon.

22 01 2019

Interim Reports - New Disclosures For AASB 9 & 15

There are a number of disclosure matters that you need to consider in relation to their impact on the interim half-year financial report.

21 01 2019

To Hedge Or Not To Hedge Under IFRS 9

IFRS 9 introduces a number of choices to the application of hedge accounting, and its overall objective is to improve the value of financial statements in decision-making by capturing the impact of an entity’s risk management strategies on its financial operations.

21 01 2019

NFP Sector Getting Caught In Red Tape With Peppercorn Leases

A peppercorn lease refers to leases of assets where the required lease payments are significantly below market value.

18 01 2019

Quarterly Insights: Australian Healthcare Equipment and Services

PKF Melbourne Corporate Finance is pleased to present the Healthcare Equipment and Services Insights for the December 2018 quarter, including a review of key mergers and acquisitions activity in the industry.

17 01 2019

Quarterly Insights: Australian Food Manufacturing & Distribution December 2018

PKF Melbourne Corporate Finance is pleased to present the Food Manufacturing & Distribution Insights for the December 2018 quarter, including a review of key mergers and acquisitions activity in the industry.

16 01 2019

Commercial and Business Lending Update

Five key tips when considering your business and commercial finance requirements...

16 01 2019

Payroll Tax Reform

From 1 January 2019, changes to the current payroll tax rates will come into effect. These changes are expected to assist small to medium-sized business by offering them a payroll tax break or reduced rate.

16 01 2019

Cyber Security Small Business Program

If you are a business with 19 or fewer employees, you may be eligible for a grant of up to $2,100 for a certified small business cyber security health check which could assist you in determining business risk and areas that need attention.

16 01 2019

Superannuation Update

A hung Parliament, a new Prime Minister, members defecting, and only 10 sitting days until the next election – while this may be exciting for the journalists in Canberra it leaves the ball in the air regarding the much talked about superannuation changes.

16 01 2019

New Year's Financial Resolutions

The dawn of a new year is the perfect time to hit reset and make an effort to advance our financial situation as we seek to maximise our wealth whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

11 01 2019

The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

The biggest and best reason to move to the cloud is that (if it is kept up to date) both the client and accountant are looking at real-time data.

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