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30 05 2017

GST: New Rules Apply!

From 1 July 2017, the GST legislation seeks to extend GST to inbound supplies of digital products, services and other intangibles into Australia where these are supplied from offshore to Australian consumers by non-resident entities.

19 05 2017

How to prevent a ransomware attack on your business

The recent global attack from WannaCry is a prime example that when it comes to cybercrime, anyone is fair game.

19 05 2017

The Impact of Pride on Business Success

Jim Collins wrote a great book called Good to Great, one of the best-selling business books this century. If you have not yet read it I strongly recommend you do so.

17 05 2017

Asset Impairment - Common Pitfalls You Need to Know

Ever since the Global Financial Crisis occurred, and more recently with the commodity prices diving, asset values have been the focus of regulators and standard setters throughout the world.

04 05 2017

Time for action on AASB 9

AASB 9 was primarily developed in response to the lessons learned from the Global Financial Crisis. Some blame for the GFC was directed at the complexity and valuation of financial instruments and the delayed recognition of credit losses (primarily relating to residential housing loans in the USA).

04 05 2017

Taking on risk

Recently I presented to a group of leading CFOs at the CFO Summit in the Gold Coast and at a Governance and Risk Masterclass held by the Governance Institute of Australia in Melbourne.

04 05 2017

Leases - to the balance sheet!

The new leasing standard IFRS 16 Leases will introduce a fundamental change to traditional operating lease accounting, requiring lessee’s to capitalise leases on the balance sheet.

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