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29 06 2016

Brexit: Uncertainty is the only Certainty

Whether or not you agree or not with the Brexit result, what we all can agree on is that we are in for some uncertain times ahead.

28 06 2016

Brexit - What does it mean and should we be worried?

Readers will be well aware by now that the UK referendum last week on whether to Remain as a member of the European Union (EU) or to Leave did not go the way most analysts and the media thought it would.

27 06 2016

Data security lessons from Mark Zuckerberg

I am sure that at the time, most of us took time to reflect on the appropriateness or otherwise of our own passwords – although I am sure that most people did nothing about them as they already have too many passwords to remember!

20 06 2016

Risks for SME's in outsourcing supply chains

With the continued reduction of barriers and overhead costs surrounding the outsourcing of business processes and functions, our approach to managing the associated risks facing governance must evolve to meet the changing business environment.

15 06 2016

Developing your start-up business

Working with start-ups is more than just compliance. Sure they need to get right there trading structures, risk planning, GST etc. However, many need help with research, funding, planning, product development etc.

14 06 2016

Why bother valuing a start-up?

An understanding of value will allow any Entrepreneur to be prepared to confidently negotiate with existing investors and potential investors to raise capital to fund the future growth of the business.

08 06 2016

The pace of doing business is speeding up not slowing down

Each year the pressure grows on all areas of a business including its people, cash-flow, leadership, innovation, business models, technologies and ability to implementation strategies successfully.

03 06 2016

Is your business ready for SuperStream?

For businesses employing less than 20 people, the 30 June end of the SuperStream transition period is looming large.

03 06 2016

Build wealth while reducing your mortgage

We have made it through another budget proposal avoiding changes to negative gearing rules, despite plenty of speculation in the lead up.

03 06 2016

Big Brother's Digital Eyes - ATO Data Matching

The ATO recently announced the compliance focus on insured “lifestyle” assets. These assets include personal assets/collectables such as boats, aircraft, enthusiast motor vehicles, fine art and thoroughbred horses.

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