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31 03 2016

Consider your security when buying or selling online

After a spate of recent Police reports concerning goods being bought and sold online, primarily through Gumtree, people are being urged to take caution.

21 03 2016

ATO to access insurance policies to identify tax avoidance

The ATO has announced it will be obtaining more than 100,000 lifestyle asset insurance policy details and electronically matching with their existing data to identify non-compliance with registration, lodgement, reporting and payment obligations.

17 03 2016

Crowdfunding regulation in Australia

In December 2015, the Minister for Small Business and the Assistant Treasurer, Kelly O’Dwyer, introduced into Federal Parliament legislation covering the government’s proposed crowd-sourced equity funding framework.

09 03 2016

The Sale Process

A sale process will be most effective in the event that the vendor and supporting team is adequately prepared prior to commencing the process.

09 03 2016


Having a realistic idea of the value of your business is critical prior to commencing a sale process.

09 03 2016

Deal Structure

It is important to understand the likely deal structure (which will differ depending on the acquirer), in order to assess the appropriate time to commencIt is important to understand the likely deal structure (which will differ depending on the acquirer), in order to assess the appropriate time to commence the process. With handover periods becoming commonplace, it is clear that the exit process should be considered well before your planned retirement.e the process.

09 03 2016

Internal Succession

Following on from our blog/article on identifying the appropriate exit alternatives, we highlight the issue that owners must evaluate the appropriateness of the management team, or new recruits to acquire and operate the business.

02 03 2016

Foreign resident property disposal tax update

Foreign residents are only subject to tax in Australia if they dispose of Taxable Australian Property. If an asset disposed by a foreign resident is not considered to be a Taxable Australian Property, gains derived are not subject to tax in Australia.

02 03 2016

When compliance can be harmful

One of the fundamental principles of contemporary corporate governance is the overriding requirement for Directors, management and employees to act in the best interests of the Entity at all times.

01 03 2016

10 Errors Buyers Make When Acquiring a Business

In excess of fifty per cent of business acquisitions either fail completely or do not deliver the results expected by the purchaser. The main reasons why these acquisitions fail to deliver the desired results can readily be summarised under the following headings:

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