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25 10 2016

2017 Business Insights

The new year is fast approaching and the start of any year is an opportunity for you to reflect on what worked the year prior, what didn’t, what trends you need to be aware of and therefore what will you need to do differently in the coming 12 months to achieve your targets both personally and for the business.

24 10 2016

Pay less tax and get more from your next pay rise or bonus

Usually when you get a pay rise or bonus the first thought many people have is more money to pay down the mortgage, more money for the next holiday or other purchases/spending that has been put off.

24 10 2016

A Formula for Elite Performance

99% of all innovation is tiny increments and looking for these every day must be part of your organisation’s DNA.

24 10 2016

Retiring comfortably made simple

The following are core principals required in order to be a confident investor with clear direction:

20 10 2016

Managing owner and stakeholder relations

Stakeholders will typically be made up of two groups, both of which have an interest in the organisation.

19 10 2016

AGMs: Preparations, questions, activism, and frankfurters

With the footy Grand Finals and the switch to daylight savings now behind us, it must be October. For some this also means Oktoberfest, the start of the cricket calendar and the Spring Racing Carnival.

18 10 2016

Financial modelling

Significant business decisions are usually based on financial models with forecasts. Approximately 90% of financial models contain errors and may exclude key value drivers, which can result in misleading results.

10 10 2016

Working with your auditor to prevent fraud

There are a number of high profile cases in the media at present involving major accounting firms being sued by companies who have lost money as a result of the auditors allegedly failing to identify fraud within their own company or a company in which they have invested.

07 10 2016

PKF Melbourne Secondment Update

I am currently half way through a four month secondment from Scottish based accountancy firm Johnston Carmichael, in order to gain valuable international experience.

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