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23 09 2015

Is purchasing property through a shared SMSF a good idea?

I recently encountered a case where two business partners were looking to buy business premises together. They had been told that the best way to do this was to enter a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) with both of them as members and then borrow to purchase and hold the property through the SMSF.

23 09 2015

Ten aspirations of running a family business

All businesses seek similar goals. Depending on the stage in the business life cycle, some goals may be more relevant than others.

22 09 2015

Looking to support a cause that is close to your heart?

It is great that we live in a country where so many people want to make a difference to those that are less fortunate. But, considering our relatively small population, we must be mindful that there is only so much money and resources to go around. We should aim to maximise all available charity dollars.

22 09 2015

Unpacking the dollar

Keeping an eye on the value of the Australian dollar has always been a sensible approach for travellers and it’s something investors should also keep sight of too.

22 09 2015

Start now to give your children the best start

Everyone wants the best for their children. Providing a good education is a huge part of preparing them for the best possible future. But as education becomes more expensive, planning and budgeting for these costs become essential.

18 09 2015

The China Syndrome: What's Next?

As it is Australia’s largest trading partner China’s fortunes have a range of implications for investors.

17 09 2015

Can you afford to discount?

Do you price discount in your business? Do you call it something else to convince yourself you don’t discount? Do your staff do it for you without you knowing? Can you afford to?

14 09 2015

Cash is King

I have had the privilege of working with and being mentored from some great business people throughout my career. What has been evidently clear is their simple and common sense approach to their businesses and it is these approaches that have led to their success.

11 09 2015

Corporate Trustee vs Individual Trustees

When considering establishing a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF), one of the most important decisions to make on establishment is whether to have a corporate trustee or an individual trustee.

11 09 2015

Data Driven Decisions

Less is more. It really is.

07 09 2015

Employee Share Schemes

The Government has recently released draft legislation which will improve the tax treatment of Employee Share Schemes (ESS) to facilitate better alignment of interests between employers and employees, and to stimulate the growth of high-technology start-up companies by making them more competitive in the labour market.

04 09 2015

Generation Next Scholarship Competition Finalists

In association with ClubsNSW, we have been running a very powerful promotion targeted at the young leaders of the Club industry.

04 09 2015

Time for all businesses to use data analytics

Big businesses have been using data analytics for years to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of their operations.

02 09 2015

Grant to be offered to QLD home businesses

The Queensland government has budgeted a pool of $1 million to support home-based entrepreneurs to help establish or grow their businesses. Online applications open 1 September.

02 09 2015

ATO tightens SMSF guidelines on personal use assets

As part of its campaign to ensure Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) investments are at arms-length, the ATO is tightening eligibility guidelines.

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