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21 01 2015

How effective are your Retention of Title clauses?

Retention of Title (“RoT”) or “Romalpa” clauses generally form part of a suppliers’ terms of their credit application and are often replicated on invoices and statements.

14 01 2015

Bankruptcy from both sides of the fence

No one wants to go bankrupt and no one wants their debtors not to pay them. However the ‘Big B’ is something most business people will have to deal with from one side of the fence or the other.

09 01 2015

3 traits SME owners should avoid

Are you helping your business reach its full potential?

07 01 2015

5 ways to stop meaningless meetings

Are your meetings spontaneous, including everyone you can think of, with no agenda, no one in charge and no discernible actions? If so, you are wasting time and money.

05 01 2015

Inside innovation: the practical reality of new ideas

Innovation is as much a process as it is a personal mindset and a cultural or collective way of thinking.

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