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28 04 2012

Australian IPO Markets

CY2014 was the most active year for initial public offerings (IPO’s) over the last 10 years, with more than A$15 billion being raised across 69 IPO’s.

28 04 2012

Insolvency Reform

There has been some insolvency ‘action’ in the Parliament and in the Courts recently with the release of two long awaited reports, and the handing down of a High Court decision clarifying some previously ‘cloudy’ timing issues.

17 04 2012

Why make the move to the cloud

Amidst a growing trend toward mobile devices and constant connectivity, a buzz term "cloud accounting" has emerged. But what does it mean?

16 04 2012

Safe harbours on the horizon

Directors should be acutely aware of their personal financial liabilities and in particular their exposure to liability for insolvent trading under the Corporations Act.

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